Love Notes

Hi Suzanne I wanted to say this to you, hope you don't mind I can be a little gushie sometimes. But I follow your posts about courage and doing things out of your comfort zone and how you've followed your passion and dreams.

So last month I decided to try after following your progress over the last 2 years.

I started doing loans again. I was very frightened about being rejected and not succeeding. So I gave up several years ago.

And while I'm not giving you all the credit for me pulling my ass up out Bed and taking a stand for my self respect and will to live a full life.

Those posts of you hanging upside-down and sticking through the fear grabbed my attention.

I started getting up and going for a walk in the morning.

In the past two months I'm back to work doing loans on commission. And I have two loans in my pipe line.

A lot of  things happened in my life but for some reason your encouragement and kindness was heart  felt your not phony and it shows.

I love how you put yourself out there and show yourself.

Your inspiring, and you have a gift. Hopefully I'll be able to join you on a retreat!